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Bohemian Handmade Yoga Mat Carry Strap

Bohemian Handmade Yoga Mat Carry Strap

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A Beautifully Designed, Handcrafted, Soft but Sturdy, Adjustable, Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Carry Strap.

Adjustable Loops Fit Any Mat Size

This carrier strap is 185cm long and can fit any width or thickness of yoga mat—the perfect yoga accessory for the gym or studio.

Free Up Your Hands With This Easy yet Stylish Carrying Strap. 

Perfect for the person who likes to be functional but still stand outLightweight and simple, just cinch the Yoga carrying strap loops around your mat, throw it over your shoulder or across your body, and go.

Perfect to Use When You Want to Travel with Your Mat. 

Sick of unattractive generic, yoga mat straps?
Look no further. Complement your style with this beachy, rustic yoga mat carry strap that helps creates a sense of harmony and Zen. Can also double as Boho home décor when not in use.

A Perfect Gift for the Yogie.

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