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Unisex Pillow Slides/Slippers/Sandals/Thongs

Unisex Pillow Slides/Slippers/Sandals/Thongs

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Comfort For Your Feet Like You've Never Known!

Want to walk on a dream, pillows or clouds? Now you can. These airy pillow slides allow you to wear footwear without actually feeling like you're wearing footwear.

All Day Comfort

The thickest mid-sole on the market! Ergonomically designed to wear for 12+ hours without causing any discomfort, the toe-to-tail 15° angle balances the pressure from your feet to your hips, creating a unique softness that reduces the pressure of walking whilst absorbing any shocks—get a pair for both inside and outside today and experience all-day comfort! 

Protects Your Joints

You'll notice instant relief from sore feet, ankles, knees and hips. Made with 4.5cm thick, anti-chafe, anti-slip, EVA compression material that supports and comforts your feet with every step.

Anti-Slip, Anti-Chafe & Waterproof

Designed with an anti-slip textured material to prevent you from slipping and falling as well as keep your feet from coming out. Whether you're headed to the beach or bed, you won't experience any chafing with the Pillow Slides, plus they're waterproof, non-slip and super lightweight.

They Weigh Less Than Your Phone & You Won't Even Notice That They're On!

Exhausted after a long day? Grab a pair now and give your feet the rest they deserve with the revolutionary Pillow Slides.

Please refer to our size chart before ordering.



*for those with a narrower foot, it is recommended to order a slightly smaller size 

It is best to choose your size according to your heel to toe length.

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