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Plush Women's Fur Slippers

Plush Women's Fur Slippers

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Heavenly Comfort Never Looked So Good!

Sink your hooves into the comfiest, coolest and grooviest slippers on the market.

Therapy For Your Feet

A therapeutic cushion slipper that decompresses and relaxes your foot with every step. Designed with the utmost comfort in mind—the perfect way to unwind after a day on your feet!

Lightweight, Thick & Waterproof 

Available in High-Back & Low Cut Styles 

For high-back slippers, select color as usual (eg Black, Yellow, Lime Green etc); for low cut, select appropriate color followed by 'II' (eg Lime Green II, or, Yellow II).

Please refer to size guide before ordering.


Measure your foot length from heel to toe to work out right size.

Size 36-37, Foot Length: 22.5-23cm

Size 38-39, Foot Length: 23.5-24cm

Size 40-41, Foot Length: 24.5-25cm

Size 42-43, Foot Length: 25.5-26cm

Size 44-45, Foot Length: 26.5-27cm

*for those with wider feet, it may be wise to opt for a larger size.

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